About Us

What does J.S.D.S. stand for?

J.S.D.S. stands for our slogan, Just Scream, "Don't Slaughter!"  We believe that animal sport killing and poaching is absolutely wrong. We make stylish apparel that represents that belief. 

Why do we often use elephant, black jaguar, and gorilla on our apparel?

Jaguar jaɡˌwär,ˈjaɡˌyo͞oər) represents Power, Aggressive, Vision, Ferocity

Gorilla (ɡəˈrilə) represents Leadership, Respect, Strength, Dignity

Elephant (ˈeləfənt) represents Wisdom, Stamina, Loyalty, Cooperative

These animals represent our brand and the people we craft and design our apparel for. Strong and powerful people who stand up for the rights of creatures that can not stand up for themselves.

Charitable Organization?

We support the work that Wildlife Conservation is doing for the animal kingdom. Therefore, we decided for every item we sell we will donate a percentage to www.wcs.org

Who makes our apparel?

For our t-shirts and hoodies, we use American Apparel.  Yupoong make great durable and trend stylish hats. We learned that leggings can not be cheap and we want all of our produces to last for a very long time;  that is why we use Printful; a ,manufacture in California (they also print our socks). Our shirts and dresses are printed, hand-cut, and sewn in Los Angeles with love. Aliveshoes is Italian custom shoes maker company located in Italy. We use them for our custom designed shoes.

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